Fall 2020


What is this for?

To live stream performances by students taking Live Coding at New York University - Tandon in the Integrated Digital Media department.

What is Live Coding?

Live coding is the act of manipulating algorithms in real time to manipulate an ongoing process, like music and visuals. Read more about live coding here.

What is an algorave?

An algorave is a performance featuring art, like music or visuals, made with algorithms. Read more about algoraves here.

This website was designed by Kaitlyn Heard.

1 print('Hello World!')

Hello World!

2 print('Welcome to our Algorave! Click HERE to join Day 1. Click HERE to join Day 2.')

Welcome to our Algorave! Click HERE to join Day 1. Click HERE to join Day 2.

3 import Line Up

4 time = time of performance

5 day1 = 12/08/20

6 day2 = 12/10/20

7 start = true

8 if day1 == 12/08/20:

9 day1 = true

10 else if day2 == 12/10/20:

11 day2 = true

12 else:

13 start = false

14 if day1 == true & time == 6:00-6:30PM ET:

15 print(Mitchell_Sijia())

Sijia will be performing audio using Sonic Pi and Mitchell will be doing visual using Hydra. The theme of our performance is Cyberpunk. We will explore this theme using some synthwave samples and cool visuals, which together will create a retro electro chill vibe.

16 if day1 == true & time == 6:30-7:00PM ET:

17 print(Saimanasa_Sally_Angie(The Elvz))

A technological twist on the theme of “winter dreams”, our group will be using Hydra and TidalCycles to emulate falling asleep on a winter’s night.

18 if day1 == true & time == 7:00-7:30PM ET:

19 print(Stephan_Joey_Kyle(The Sex Knives))

Our group will be exploring the theme surveillance/control; we will utilize Livelab to stream a webcam feed from Hydra as well as a Google doc with instructions for the surveilled, and digital/futuristic music with TidalCycles.

20 if day2 == true & time == 6:00-6:30PM ET:

21 print(Tasmia_Sophie_Janelle(Sharks in Suits))

Our group aims to explore the theme of “deep sea” using visuals and sounds that dive into the sea’s uncharted territories. For the visuals, we have Tasmia and Sophie who will be performing using Hydra and also a text editor inspired by Joana Chicau's all_nerves_on_the_universe.html. For our sounds, we have Janelle who will be using Sonic Pi. A mix of samples and original compositions will be integrated to emulate the feeling of being underwater.

22 if day2 == true & time == 6:30-7:00PM ET:

23 print(Eddie_Joya())

Our group plans to explore the commonality in the structure of songs through history using variations of the I-V-vi-IV chord progression with visuals coded in Hydra and pieces of musical performances in Sonic Pi. Pieces of music to be performed by us range from Lana del Rey to KYGO to Lady Gaga.

24 if day2 == true & time == 7:00-7:30PM ET:

25 print(Leila_Jelani())

We are exploring the theme “space” by showing the journey of us moving to another planet using visual and sounds. Leila will be performing the visual using Hydra, and Jelani will be performing in Sonic Pi.

26 if day2 == true & time == 7:30-8:00PM ET:

27 print(Kaitlyn_Connie_Sam())

Sam will be performing visuals using Hydra, while Kaitlyn and Connie perform audio using Tidal Cycles. Our theme is Arcade Games. We will be using a lot of samples and a mixture of patterns to immerse the audience in an arcade game world.